Thursday, December 04, 2008

New Project - URLCron

Following up my quiet annoucements yesterday on Erlami, Erlcfg and Fastiga, I've just pushed another project out to github... UrlCron.

The way I architechture out platforms, closely mimicks the way UNIX programs are advisedly written... i.e. Small Programs Which Do One Thing, Do Them Well, And Can Read From Standard In and Write To Standard Out In A Simple Format.

In our case, most of our applications usually are made of up many RESTfull webservices, all talking to each other via HTTP Calls and JSON responses. The UIs are all Heavily ClientSide javascripts, that also talk to the various webservices. Normally, each application will have one authoritative application server, which is also a RESTfull webservice, that is directly responsible for knowing *everything* about this particular application.

For instance, one of our media campaign engines has an appserver which deals with authentication, authorization, media setup, etc for various front ends (HTTP clients, SMS clients, IVR clients, etc).

Following this very very loose coupling and disconnected architechture, we tend to evolve lots of small stand alone systems. And a lot of times, we need to set timeouts, callbacks, schedules a lot of activities that should be deferred etc. This can all quickly degenerate into complexity and incompatibility and lots of duplicate code, and can become very language dependent. Also, the option of using the venerable cron daemon to call urls from shell scripts is not very nice, and is too much of a hack.

Enter URLCron. UrlCron is designed to fit into our disconnected mesh of services, to allow us to schedule a call from any service to call any other service and then store the results. The scheduling service can come back at a later datetime to check the status.

In its current implementation on github, its just a few days old and is not yet mature, but the entire concept works end to end.

The readme on github contains a lot of ideas of where I would like to logically take this to, and some notes on architechture and design.

Someone else wants to have fun poking around at this? Go crazyyyy!!!!

Ace out!

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