Saturday, October 11, 2008

Back Online

Well, I'm back to blogging and the whole online presence thing.

But there was a reason I deliberately stopped blogging. I realized that
the internet is a very interesting medium of communication. People that
don't even know you will get to read the things that you write.

This is all cool, but the problem is that no matter how shallow or
uncooked your theories (or reasonings) are, some people who are just too
lazy to fathom things out by themselves, will swallow what you have to
say, hook, line, sinker and dare I say boat with the captain and crew!!!
I decided then to stop blogging until I was sure that I had something
fairly well cooked to contribute to the community at large.

So, why am I back? Am I saying that now I'm a rock star programmer or
something akin to that? Well... one small part of me wishes that were
the bare truth, but I really can't judge my "rock-starNESS" (or
awesomeness to boot!), but I can honestly write about a wider breath of
interesting topics that I have had a lot more close encounters with,
than before...

Just to give a brief preview, I have spent the past 1year+, working on
an SDP (Service Deployment Platform) that is now in production
deployment in a number of tel cos here. That has been probably the most
satisfying experience I've gained, and has in turn led me onto my
current path which I toe as a programmer. On this path, I've picked up
and continue to pick up things like Parsers (JavaCC, Apaged, Lex/Yacc),
Distributed, Redundant and Reliable Systems and their construction
(DHTs, Heartbeat, Mnesia, MySql replication), Functional Programming
Languages (Ocaml, Scala, Erlang), OTP (Did i mention Erlang already?!).

I have learnt sooooo much technology in a short while and waaaaaay much
more about crafting reliable systems and managing code complexity to
produce easily evolving code bases that you don't have to pray to God
each time you do an upgrade.

From here on out, I'll be blogging a bit more often, not sprouty and
all authoritative, but just staying on the stuff that I've learnt and
now know. Hopefully, these will make for some fun reading and mayhap...


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