Sunday, October 12, 2008

Asterisk AMI Library in the works

We're building an interesting application in the office, and Asterisk is
a big part of that application.

The component I'm working on communicates with Asterisk via AMI mostly
for originating calls, and I have a version of it in Java working with
some small bugs here and there.

I decided some weeks back to rebuild that component in Erlang, so I'm
currently working on an Asterisk AMI library in Erlang. This is my first
"real" app in erlang (The ring benchmark exercise in Programming Erlang
doesn't count :) ).

For me, when working on a project, I *really* love to get unit tests up
and running. They are a great way to "break the ice" and really really
really help keep code maintainable and keep regressions in check as
codebase grows. So last week, I finally downloaded and went thru the
docs for Eunit, and started using it, first for the Ring benchmark (I
should post that code somewhere) exercise and now for the AMI library.
Its pretty neat and simple.

Since I'm still new to Erlang, I'm learning and applying so this
library. The library will eventually be open sourced and then I'll be
found out for what I really am... a cheap fraud who can't code to save
his left pinkie :)

Anyways... just finished some unit testing and all works, so I'm going
to bed in high spirits :)



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