Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Two nites ago, I stayed up and worked out the last few show stoppers in my

News/Blogging engine (Neengine). Today, Its up for testing on

I've disabled comments for now, till I work out Comment Spam Avoidance
(CSpA(tm)) :P.

Since Neengine is a RESTfull webapp, posting an article is a simple HTTP
post. To facilitate this, I have a python library and client - Thelda.
Currently, there is no authentication in place, and I'm working on
that... but I'll probably put up my todo engine first, dunno... just
depends on what brand of hashish I'm hashing out gaswise when I sit down
to code at nite :P

For a bit more on the name Thelda/Neengine... see


Monday, May 29, 2006

Holiday Kingdom

I think Nigeria is a Holiday Kingdom!!! I can't even count how many
Public holidays and non-work days we've had this year alone. Its simply
amazing that we are still earning salaries :)

Anyways, I had to be a good citizen and join in the celebration of
Democracy Day today, which meant no work (in the 9 - 5 sense of the
word, but hey... we know better right? ;)) I actually came in late from
Abeokuta today, I'd lost my phone some 3 fridays ago, so I had to go
pick up my SIM pack, so I can recover the number from MTN services center.

In other news. I've been fine tuning the blog/news engine and I should
have it online sometime this week on
Once that is done, I'll be posting directly there and probably have the
posts mirrored here for archiving purposes, hey... Google has enough
space... why reinvent the flat tire?

In yet other news. I was having some issues last week with a IDE Disk On
Module (DOM) chip, while trying to put my thin client distro onto it.
Well, the nice manufacturers have sent me the instructions I needed and
I'll soon have it splinkin and splankin... :D

In yet other news... uhhh... what other news? sheesh!!!

Ace... out!

Friday, May 26, 2006

New Job, New Begginings

I've always loved Linux since my last year in college when I discovered
it, and though I used it extensively in my personal endeavours, and
aggressively introduced it anywhere I worked (routers, etc), I'd always
dreamed of working in a Linux and Open Source based company where I can
use Open Source technologies that I've come to know and trust.

Well, up to late last year, I worked at a .NET shop somewhere in
Abeokuta, Ogun State in Nigeria. While I must say, I did some stuff that
others may call cool, I never really enjoyed myself fully (apart from
those few times when I conived with Dan to introduce some Python into
the works ;) or that other time when I worked with Kevin on a BlackBerry
application talking to a PHP webservice... now those were cool). I still
went along with my personal mantra - Real Hackers Hack Back Home At Nite
At What They Love!!!

This year however, all that has changed. January this year, I had an
exciting job offer that I snapped up, not neccessarily b/cos of the pay
(which was indeed higher than my then pay, but not by that much of a
margin), but b/cos of what I'd be doing. To cut the long story short...
I resigned from where I was, and I now work at Leapsoft Limited and I'm
the Lead developer(/engineer?) on Wazobia Linux
( YAY!!!

For me, this has been a PHEW!!! experience. A lot of what I'd done while
playing around on my lappie at nite, I now HAVE to do at work. For
instance, I'd studied Pacman (the package manager that comes with
ArchLinux), and understood how to build a fresh system from that (I even
created a project based on that, targetting small footprint systems (ALE
: Currently at Wazobia Linux, I've
HAD to study the rpm and Anaconda system and I've built something akin
to what ALE did, that we now use to automate our distro building
process. Cutting Long to short - its damn exciting!!!

The other thing that keeps triping me, is that finally, i'm having to
build solutions on Open Source technologies for a Living (and I'm
getting paid to do it). All the *l337* stuff I used to play around with,
I now have to do them on a deadline, and I've finding out ways to master
my tools better, and work even faster.

This brings me to my main gripe about Windows... I don't hate
Windows/M$ technologies... NO!!! What I hate is that they're not
mallaeble (well, they're mallaeble to an extent, but this don't come
cheap!). Alot of the information and resources you need to turn your m$
tool into what you want, and not neccessarily what the creators foresaw,
is almost too steep to go after seriously. Infact, its soo steep that a
lot of very inquisitive ppl just dumb themselves down and say "Is it
worth the struggle?" after trying for a while.

I've had friends who back in second year at college, we used to all play
around with computers, thinking how cool it would be to do this, and
that and the other, if we only found out how, and a lot of them stopped
having fun with their systems a long time ago. I'm not refering to
gaming fun, or watching movies :) that still happens, I'm talking of the
raw fun you have when you've just pulled off one *crazy* hack on your
system. On Linux and other opensource related technologies/platforms,
inquisitive guys like me basically have information overload. With or
without money to buy good books (like we used to be back in school), its
possible to scrounge round, raise a buck, go to a cyber cafe and
download from, print and go back to your system. That was the
joy of discovering Linux for me. I COULD RESUME PLAY. Today, I'm lucky
to be working on this kind of project day in day out.

Ofcourse, the software industry is in a serious state of flux now.
Microsoft announcing 3 betas, Google growing bigger, Linux systems no
more just toys, the web undergoing the rennaissance of immense
proportions, its going to be interesting to see how all these play out
in a couple of years, but i personally believe OpenSource will keep
getting stronger overtime. I don't think its 100m sprint, I think its
more like a Marathon or a Cross Country race.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Me (What? A website?)

Yay!!! I'm one year older today. And I have just the perfect birthday
present for me - A new website at: (Stan
says the url is pretty user unfriendly... I say meh!!! :P)


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

One more year approaching

Thursday 25th Of May is my birthday!

Hmmm... just wait a minute. I'm adding yet another year to the chronos
matrix of my life... ah well... I think this one year has been quite good.
In retrospect, I've gone way deeper into programming than I expected I
would, yet in some ways, I didn't go as deep as I really wanted to.

Anyways, I'll just think more about this and deliver this with the
birthday present I've _built_ for myself. I'll unveil this on Thursday
morning, with
all the untold gist and hush-hush crap i've been with-holding all these

Catchya on thursday

(hmm... does this feel like an Apple or Google Pre-press release? :P)

Ace out.