Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wazobia Linux Thin Client Edition - Problems

For the past couple of weeks, I've been deriving an embedded distro
based on Wazobia Linux which ofcourse is based off of Fedora Core. I've
tested this out on an HP hardware we layed our hands on for testing
purposes and everything has been working fine.

Recently though, we had to order a prototype of the hardware we intended
to use and I proceeded to boot off of it and WHAM!! BHAM!!! Problems.
I'd gotten so comfortable on my test platform that I'd forgotten that
the test platform was i586 but the target platform is i386. First, I
rebuilt the kernel... and I get it to boot. Next was rebuilding the
initrd image. That one was a huge battle, since I had some other
problems with tty(s) that I didn't show themselves till I tried booting
off of the target platform.

Right now, I realise we have two options. Either we rebuild all the
binaries for the target platform (a lot of drudgery involved :( ) or we
select our test platform (or similar) as the new target platform.
Arggghhhh!!! And i'm supposed to be having a demo later today :(. I
guess I'll just go ahead and demo with the test platform, and worry
about the rest later.

Its really annoying though... ahh well... at least I now have a way
forward. *yawn* return;


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