Friday, June 09, 2006

Unix Network Filesystems Suprise

Ever since I started work on this Thin Client distro, I've been kinda
skeptical about the kind of application performance I would get.

I decided to ignore it and work on and cross over the speed barrier when
and if it hits me in the face, and I was really expecting a huge punch.
Coupled with the fact that I was testing the distro out with a USB
bootable version of it, everything was just slow and ungainly.

The first time I tried to mount the network filesystem via samba on the
USB based distro, and run OpenOffice off of it, I almost passed out just
from the time I was waiting for openoffice to show me the damn splash
screen!!! Well... that really discouraged me, but hey... I went on to
put stuff together.

As at today, I just had to test that baby on an IDE device, so I
hijacked an old harddrive, dd'd my image over to it and proceeded to
boot off of it. The first thing I decided to try was Opera (which our
client really wants), and WOW HOT DAMN!!!! I was shocked. The thing was
blazing fast!!! Just to see how Opera running off of a networked
filesystem performed against a networked Firefox as well, I went ahead
to run Firefox too... and tho it was slower to start up than Opera, I
was also impressed.

I went on to run some other applications like QT Designer which I was
expecting to take forever and a half to start... and my o my... It
displayed the splash screen almost immedietly!!!

Finally, I went to try OpenOffice and it took like 25 seconds to show me
the splash screen (which is basically about the same time that MS Office
apps take to show me their splash screen on a Windows Box!!!) Well, at
the end of today... I'm really tripped about Network Filesystem
performances. I actually wrote an initscript helper app 'wltcfsd'
(Wazobia Linux Thin Client FileSystem Daemon) to make configuring and
persisting my network filesystem settings on the thin client easier.

I can say... I'm really loving thin clients. Infact, i'm loving it so
much I'm thinking of setting up all the translators to run off thin
clients at the office :P

Also, I've been thinking of clustering too... check the scenario... Thin
clients, connecting to a huge cluster over a 1000baseT network or
something... WOW!!!! That there is the power of linux.

Ahhh... now I have to go become a couch potatoe... I don't think i'm
partying this weekend. I have me 24 on DVD, I have to finally add
intelligent formatting to Neengine, and I have some refatoring patch I
was thinking about for e17 modules gadcon clients.

Seems I'll just be coding thruout this weekend.

t'sall good


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