Friday, June 23, 2006

OLPC board in da haus!

Two days ago Khaled of the OLPC project was at our office. They're in
Nigeria trying to wrap up the arrangement with the Nigerian government.
He came with some friends from Alteq (Alteq is an IT company in Nigeria
operating out of Abuja, who also use Open Source software end-to-end to
provide their solutions - Really cool guys).

Anyways, Khaled came to drop one of the prototype boards with me, so I
can play around with it. I immidietly transfered one of the older OLPC
version of fedora I had lying about onto a USB drive and tried to boot
off of the board, but I got a GRUB error... meh!!! I'be been busy with
my MIDP app, so no time to tackle it squarely yet. I should be done with
the darn MIDP application tomorrow anyways, so I should be a bit free to
tackle the board.

Its very small and cute. I should post images here... as soon as I work
in image or the gallery section of

Ahhh well... we had some very interesting conversations and some really
cool ideas flowing back and forth... its always that way when open
source folks meet to talk. You'd think that coming from different parts
of the world, we'd have little to crack wit about... but you'd be sooooo
wrong. Its amazing, but at least for IT/geek types, who spend time on
newsgroups/irc/forums, there has emerged a kind of sub-culture which is
immedietly evident once they meet and start conversing. We really had
fun... its a pity they had to head back to Abuja that day. Khaled should
be swinging by Lagos tommorrow or Saturday probably, so we should be
able to catch some drinks this evening without the pressure of work
deadlines :)

I'll err.. try to *hic* keep everybody *hic* posteddddd *hic*



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