Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Two nites ago, I stayed up and worked out the last few show stoppers in my

News/Blogging engine (Neengine). Today, Its up for testing on

I've disabled comments for now, till I work out Comment Spam Avoidance
(CSpA(tm)) :P.

Since Neengine is a RESTfull webapp, posting an article is a simple HTTP
post. To facilitate this, I have a python library and client - Thelda.
Currently, there is no authentication in place, and I'm working on
that... but I'll probably put up my todo engine first, dunno... just
depends on what brand of hashish I'm hashing out gaswise when I sit down
to code at nite :P

For a bit more on the name Thelda/Neengine... see



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