Monday, May 29, 2006

Holiday Kingdom

I think Nigeria is a Holiday Kingdom!!! I can't even count how many
Public holidays and non-work days we've had this year alone. Its simply
amazing that we are still earning salaries :)

Anyways, I had to be a good citizen and join in the celebration of
Democracy Day today, which meant no work (in the 9 - 5 sense of the
word, but hey... we know better right? ;)) I actually came in late from
Abeokuta today, I'd lost my phone some 3 fridays ago, so I had to go
pick up my SIM pack, so I can recover the number from MTN services center.

In other news. I've been fine tuning the blog/news engine and I should
have it online sometime this week on
Once that is done, I'll be posting directly there and probably have the
posts mirrored here for archiving purposes, hey... Google has enough
space... why reinvent the flat tire?

In yet other news. I was having some issues last week with a IDE Disk On
Module (DOM) chip, while trying to put my thin client distro onto it.
Well, the nice manufacturers have sent me the instructions I needed and
I'll soon have it splinkin and splankin... :D

In yet other news... uhhh... what other news? sheesh!!!

Ace... out!


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