Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Directory Services for the rest of us.

If you've every worked with M$ Active Directory, you'll appreciate the need for directory services to be easy to deploy.


I've worked extensively with Active Directory, and maybe I was just being lazy, but I could never actually get myself gingered up to configure OpenLDAP.


I also kept hearing good things about Novell eDirectory, but heck, I can't lay my hands on it to try it (but I hear its pretty tite).


Last year, RedHat bought AOL's Directory Server, and planned to OpenSource it... I heard that news, and just put it at the back of my mind as probably one of the most important Linux announcements (for the back office), for last year. We didn't hear from them again till earlier this year, when they made a first release.


That release was the basic LDAP engine without the admin console and a few other extras. The reason they gave was there are still parts of the code that are not able to be opensourced at that time, and they were still working to make it good to go.


Anyway, this morning, I saw this via an article on


I'm yet to play with it, but this is a version 1.0 release, with everything feature complete for a first milestone. Its a great acheivement for RedHat, and the OpenSource community in general. I want to thank the guys at RedHat for being a great OpenSource company (even though i still think Fedora is bloated ;) - I mean, everyone is entitled to _MY_ own opinion right? :P).


Anyway, getting serious, I'm going to definitely try this baby out. Then I'll be able to know if the wait was worth it (in my guts, i feel it was).


Once more... thank you RedHat.


Essien out.


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