Monday, November 21, 2005

Good Bye DevFS (sob... sob.. sob)

A lot of folks complained about DevFS and all its issues in the kernel tree... but I really wasn't one of those guys. For me DevFS solved a real problem: When I built initrd images, I didn't have to worry about populating the /dev tree before the kernel was booted up.

I don't really know how UDev based initrds handle this, I've been a bit lazy about finding out, untill last weekend, when I had to build an initrd image for an automated router installer. I tried to build with the lattest ArchLinux 2.6.13 kernel (DevFS was finally removed from this kernel build). I hit a snag, and I hatted the pre-DevFS days of copying some /dev files over manually when building the initrd, and I have this very neat scripts that do everything for me (part of ALE, which i've been revamping seriously as I get to do more work these days). Anyway, I finally chicken'd out just to get things working, and fell back to using 2.6.12 kernel.

I'm going to take out some time to find out more about UDev (FINALLY!!!), since its finally shoved itself in my face... blegh!!!

ok... back to code .NET Web forms DataLists now. :)


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