Monday, September 12, 2005

pysystray new releases

pysystray is undergoing some maturing out in the wild, that it prolly would not have achieved indoors :)
Originally I had intended pysystray as an alternative to writing real services. So a pysystray application would just sit in the system tray and do what a service would have normally done (yeah... i know... its not the best place to do that... but heck it rocks).
Anyways, releases upto 0.4.2 focused on ironing that out smoothly.
Last week, there was a need on the mailing list, to use pysystray in a more traditional sense, as part of a larger GUI project. In this case, enough wasn't exposed via the API for controlling the underlying _App() object. Solving that was an intersting excercise though, and on Friday, i released 0.5.0, which introduced a new Object systray.Control() (for want of a better name :-) ). This allows more traditional things like, Control.hide(), Control.enable(), Control.disable(), etc.
Today, i've just released 0.5.1 (worked on this over the weekend), to iron out some kinks in 0.5.0.
Currently, while waiting for feedback, i'm thinking of cleaning up the Control api in the next 0.5.x release.
Ofcourse, all these, have not broken API yet for the already existing systray.App().
Also, in the process of doing this, i've been learning more about how win32api actually works. Its not facinating (and i think its too verbose), but at least, i finally am understanding the shindig! :)


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