Wednesday, September 21, 2005

pysystray-0.5.2 released

Just updated sourceforge, with the lattest version of pysystray.
This release is basically concept complete with what I initially set out to acheive. Its amazing that most of the time, I didn't really plan what would be in the next version, but I just went with my gut.
I now have balloon tooltips, on_load event callbacks, etc, so I can fully write small service like apps that totally sit on the Windows Notification Area, all in python.
My first thought is an IRC impersonation of me :), this guy will just notify me if i'm doing something important and someone in a channel he's watching says something that might interest me :), ofcourse, there's the ever-vapourware 'phiba' (tm), that may eventually get written now.
bahhh... i'm just a lazy humbug :)
Essien... out!!!


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