Monday, September 12, 2005

Customising ArchLinux

I've recently had to build a custom distro aimed at a specific purpose. To do this, I quicly visited my sources for ALE (, as a starting point to build the LIVE root image. This was actualy a no brainer, as all it involved was building the pacages I wanted, and changing the ALE config files.
The intersting part has so far been building the CD installer.
In according to the Zen Of Laziness (TM) of which i'm an avid practitioner, I am basing the CD installer off the basic official ArchLinux installer ISO. Hacking it has been fun so far. What i'm basicaly doing, is to tweak the setup script, so some options that I don't need are hidden, and some sane defaults are used in configuring most of the config files. Since this is a targetted distro, its wiser to use them Sane defaults.
Once I finish this, i'm going to tie it into ALE somehow. The goal is to be able to build a CD installer for a custom distro in all of 5 minutes, levering off ALE's config files, etc. :)
I currently have to vanilla box to test the installer on :-( so I'm having to just print messages where work would be done... (not cool!!! :( ), Ii'll still make sure everything works well, then maybe I'll give wendy (my old laptop), a run for here money :), poor ole gal, she really served me faithfully (and still has some important data, but bolivia (my new laptop), totally kicks wendies behinds ;)
If i keep working at nights, I should be able to get this completed this weekend, with minimum fuss. What's actually slowing me down, is the testing... I wonder if there's any other way I could do this.... hmmm....


At Tuesday, September 13, 2005 8:31:00 AM, Blogger Ugo said...

In case you want to gloss over some wild stuff.

Here's my OS Class webpage



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