Friday, September 23, 2005

Burning My Way To A Distro

15 CDRs and counting!!!
This was just at last nite... i burnt about 10 of them last nite.
What am I talking about? Oh yeah, I've been building a customized linux distro based on ArchLinux for a targetted application for a while now.
I already have the ALE (see my Links sidebar) framework, so this hasn't been a total from the scratch affair. Thanks to ArchLinux's overwhelming KISS principle, anyone who's interested can do stuff like that. Trus me... its not rocket science :-). Anyways, the plan is to embrace and extend ALE. So once this is done, i'll supplement ALE such that, I can redo this by just changing a config file, and boom!!! (Ok... so exploding stuff isn't quite so good, but you get the picture.
Last nite, I ensured the partioning works properly (i've disabled FTP mode from the base arch installer for now, just to keep things simple), and I'm making the actions follow themselves. Currently, on the Arch Installer, each time you finish an action, it brings you back to the main menu, which is ok for me really, but for my target audience, It will be less ambigous, to actually go thru the steps one after the other.
Everything works okay now, so I'll need to update the base packages to pull in the lattest packages available now, and then i've been thinking of the Config Files tweaking. Dunno how i'm going to solve that yet. I've been thinking of just dropping some sane default values there, and having a seperate system program to help tune the configs. Dunno, not decided yet, so i'll leave it as it is.
By tonite, I should finally install successfully on the first victim box :), then I'll spend the weekend tidying up the dialogs, and perhaps finetuning the configuration mechanism.
Essien out!!!


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