Monday, August 01, 2005

Yahoo! Widgets

You know... ever since Google took the world by storm (uuhh... make that by search... or is it by searching for a storm? :) ), they've left A LOT of competitors behind... and not just in the dust... but in the Sand Dunes.

But i think i can say that Yahoo has been a worthy competitor... they keep responding well, (after all Yahoo's and Google's founders are all Stanford products right?).

Anyways, that aside, Yahoo has done something very cool... they acquired Konfabulator and set it free. I used to use Konfabulator pre 2.0 on my old laptop (wendy), and used to utter some PG Expletives anytime the expiration notice showed up on my box. When i got my new laptop (bolivia), i swore they wouldn't see my boxen anymore... no matter how cool they were (and they're ooooooo sooooo cool). Well a couple of weeks ago, i found out that Yahoo has acquired them, and set it free. So i can USE IT WITHOUT paying (call me cheap-arse, cheap-stake... whateva... that's your problem)

What is Konfabulator? Uhh... check out:

what can you do with it?

That screenshot is worth a thousand how-to's (but you don't really need a thousand how-tos on generating a screenshot) [that statement doesn't mean anything, so please don't try to make any meaning out of it:) ]


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