Monday, August 01, 2005

Weekend Hacks

I had an interesting and fun filled weekend... really.
First, I completed the first stage of the Xlib D port. And i have the first sample D Xlib program that draws a line to the screen, waits 10 secs and exits.
This is just the first stage.
The next stage involves making the library *FEEL* OOP and feel like D instead of C. This will involve a continous process of introducing classes, etc, to encapsulate most of the pointers flying around.
The hard part is done anyways, this part is a matter of  continous integration, and good judgement. I'm starting that this week, and I'll have to be studying core Xlib programming to understand the application layering, so i can do at least a half decent job. No rushes here.
I'll make these available on my download area within the week.
On the D EFL port, i've been creating the D layer for EET, and ran into some pointer related issues, as i try to wrap up the function calls into D Classes, but along the way, i learnt more about D's invariants, pre and post conditionals (Contract Programming), this stuff is VERY VERY COOL. When used properly, it really reduces bugs, and helps find bugs faster, combine this with D's inbuilt UnitTesting, and i really don't know why i should use any other language for Midlevel Application Development (Low level is owned by C, and High Level is owned by Dynamic Languages like Python). If you really feel the need for speed... don't take a cup of Java, or try to Sharpen your C, no no no no no, just take the next alphabet... D. :)
Needless to say, i felt pretty accomplished this weekend, and rewarded my self with a nice move.... SIN CITY... the movie is sorta weird... but its really cool, and my, was Mickey Rourke, Marv? That guy was my main guy in the movie.
Ok.... off to work now :)


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