Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google Rulez!!!!

Yesterday, I installed Google Desktop 2, allowed it to index Bolivia (my laptop), and was just tripping all over it, and was just about to post praises, but guess what happened?
Google Talk was released this morning, and DAMN!!! I've fallen all over myself on this dual move.
Everyone at my office already crying 'Death to Yahoo Chat' just by using Google Talk Beta!!! Its amazing, and the Voice Talk feature just plain blew us all away. Yahoo Chat is toooooo darn heavy... sheesh!!!
The things that Google does are now bodering on Magic ;), I mean, with Google Desktop, who needs that Start Menu anymore? Just type the beginnings of your program name, and its finds it, you press enter and 'launcho!!!'
Google Desktop also has notifiers for my Outlook mails, Gmail, everything, and even an Outlook search plugin... which totally rox!!! Ofcourse, i've disabled my Outlook notifier and i'm using Google's Notifier now.
My homepage is now set to Google Desktop's Homepage, which is totally what I love.
What's next? Oh well.... there's the SDK with Python bindings :D, so I guess you can already percieve what's next... oh yeah... baby... we're gonna hack the hell outta that SDK :D
Oh.. and Google Talk is keeping with Open standards, supporting XMPP/Jabber... cool...  Man, these guys are seriously throwing open the field... now a major IM provider is behind Jabber, I wonder how Yahoo and MSN respond to that... not that I care anyways :D
Yahoo made a good move with konfabulator, as i'm still going to keep my Konfabulator weather widget on my desktop, but hey... that's about all i'm going to be using from them :D
The world is getting more intersting... i'm just wondering what next... Googlix? A Google Linux Distro? O.o... they have the world by the balls already... and the world doesn't seem to mind ;)
Oh... boy.. exciting times :)


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