Friday, July 15, 2005

We've caught a virus

At my office.. we’ve caught a virus!


I swear I had nothing to do with it…


But currently… everyone is talking Python, Linux, Open Source (when I mentioned this to Stan, we agreed to keep our big mouths shut, and see where all this was leading to)


I mean, core Windows guys who would not even look at Open Source stuff, suddenly going out of their way to learn Linux… and not just any distro, ArchLinux (


You probably wont guess what their default window Manager is:  e17 (infact, Dapo has asked me to build Arch Packages of the lattest e17 from cvs… wow! These guys are really demanding ;) )


Uhh… and yup… they’re already trying Mono, MonoDevelop and are seriously excited… infact… Dapo said, “The world is getting interesting”, this was when I told him about WINE (, well… I just told him, “Its always been interesting… you just didn’t know about it then”.


Any way, did I say I had nothing to do with it? I guess I lied… I’ve been doing passive evangelism…. The sort that Microsoft will use when they release Longhorn – They’ll force you to use it… force you nicely J


Well, I released PMUtils today to the rest of the guys in the office, made it look VERY COOL J, and it uses the lattest libpm (python version), I’m too lazy to update the C# version (uhhh… this means… I just don’t want to do it :D), this means that to have publishing features for myPM, you HAVE TO install python, elementtree, and my libraries, libpm and systray. To make things cleaner, I’ve used inno setup, to pack these nicely.


So now, everyone at Splashers Technologies ( uses a Python program everyday ;)


That is VIRAL Marketting. And we’ve caught the Linux/Python/OpenSource virus :)


I learn from the best.


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