Monday, July 04, 2005

PMTray 1.0 with some screenshots

Well, well, well, sometimes we make plans and totally don't end up following them, because a better plan came up all of a sudden.

That's basically happened to me over the weekend.

Remember i had planned to start working on the now very much hypothetical and soon to be not so vapourware 'phiba' :). Well, i found another immediate need, PMTray. PMTray is my lattest addition to the PMUtils package i currently use to manage our time and interact with our web based time management tool.

I quickly put this together with the systray module (that dude has realy gotten usefull).

Using systray to solve a real problem also helped me to refactor it for better usability, and what i really need to add now before i can satisfactorily declare systray-1.0.0 is 1) A status message akin to Yahoo Messenger Notifications (when folks log on and off, but as beautifull as Outlooks Mail notifier messages.
2) Support of an OnApplicationLoad event, so i can run a full service off the systray.
3) Support for Notification Balloons (This is not really too important if i can achieve the first one. Infact, any of 1 or 3 will be cool for a version 1.0.0, and both WILL ROCK!)

The screenies sort of speak for them selves. (pmtray is the cool - yup, cool, green icon nearer the system clock)

1. pmtray is idle
2. pmtray - showing menu options
3. pmtray - synchronizing with WebPM

ok... gtg, i really have this pain in my neck... i think its a cold :(


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