Thursday, July 07, 2005

Nokia Development with Eclipse

I've been working on this gently ever since i finally got the hang of Eclipse. Last nite, i stayed up, read some pdfs on Programming style and stuff like that, and continued on trying to get this to work.
Basically, i learnt that the Nokia Development Environment could plug into Eclipse as well as other popular Java IDEs. I've downloaded and setup the Nokia Development Environment, and in the process, also Downloaded and setup the EclipseME plugin.
Now, i can create a Nokia MIDP Project (but i don't know where to go from there :) ) Also, I have options of creating a MIDlet suite, but when i try to do that, eclipse complains that there is no platform to build the MIDlet for. I'm still looking into this.
Anyway... It looks like i'm actually set for developing Nokia apps, and i have the 7210 SDK (which i can test with my phone :) ). What i need now, is a sort of wholesome primer... From looking at the docs that come with the SDK, its a lot like writing a BlackBerry App, i just need to know how to create the entry point.
I'll scrounge around some more this weekend, download lots of articles from Forum Nokia, and spend next week reading thru them... am sure i'll get it all working by next week... Ahh... i feel a whole new frontier coming for me.
By the way, i'm itching to get the new Nokia Internet Tablet, once its officially released. Its a pure Linux Based Beast... And from what i've seen via Google and various blogs... its going to be one fun hackable platform. Maybe i'll just get this instead of the Zaurus I was thinking off... hmm....


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