Wednesday, July 06, 2005

More systray utils

Yesterday, I decided I needed to clean up some of my remote pop3 mailboxes I’ve not checked in a while.


Not a problem, but I have a very slow link, and downloading 13.8Mb of mail is not something I’d like to wait after work to do. So well, I got home last nite, and welded together another systray based utility I named ‘misctray’. Currently, It has just 2 uses… check the number of mails on a particular account, and allow me to delete the mails without downloading them first (basically a looped ‘DELE’ J ).


Tested it out this morning, and boom! It works. ‘misctray’ has me thinking tho… I think I’d like a framework, where I can write arbitrary python scripts, drop them in a ‘mistray plugins’ folder, and misctray would pick them up automagically, and create a menu/menu-item out of them. That way, I can have one consistent launcher for my python scripts, right on my Windows System Tray.


Hmm…nice idea… I like it, I’ll do it.


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