Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More D port progress

efl.edb is now complete for a first version. All natice Edb.h funcionality has been wrapped up with D functions/methods to give them a D feel.
I've started on the Eet.h. This also shouldn't take time. I'm going to avoid Evas for now, and instead probably focus on all the smaller libs, Epeg, Epsilon, Imlib (not soo small), Embryo. If i survive thru all these, i think i'll be in the right frame of mind to tackle the big boys, Evas, Ecore, Edje, Ewl.
Something is happening though as i'm doing all this. EFL is getting very clear. There is this thought of a Python port in my mind too. If I last thru all these a Python port will be very feasible and clearer too.
On the Xlib front. I'm continuing with the #define constants. I should be thru tonite or tmrw, then enter a thourough testing phase to see if i can transliterate C programs to D using Xlib.d; Once that is successfull, then i'll start to wrap the functions into D classes, etc.


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