Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kernel Issues, e17 autobuild script

I just solved a very frustrating issue that showed up with my Kernel.


First of all, my laptop (a Compaq R4000), has issues with the default installed ArchLinux Kernel 2.6 (I’ve not tried 2.4).

I had to build a kernel during the install to get my Keyboard to work – yes, keyboard… I have no idea what happened. I’ve even tried doing a visual examination of the diff b/w the two kernel .config’s but I came up with no clue… anyway… at least it worked, with one funny glitch: My time was really accelerating, so when I ran that kernel for a while, and rebooted into windows, I’d have kerberous issues b/cos of time sync.


Last week, I decided to solve that problem once for all, by repeating a compile from my FailSafe kernel config. In doing that… I felt I should do some more optimizations and playing around, and I disabled PNP_BIOS support, and left only PNP_ACPI. Well… this cause me untold headaches, as my Network card stopped working… the driver would load properly, but I’d just get an SIOCADDRT: Network Unreachable.


Very frustrating… I searched high and low, and had no clue what was causing it, until I ran across some Redhat user threads, and someone mentioned IRQ issues that had given him similar errors, then I closely looked at my dmesg, and noticed a complain about IRQ handling with ACPI and some drivers that may still be using the old method. That was when I recalled my visual diffs of the Arch kernel and my own config, that PNP_BIOS was OFF… well… long story short… I enabled it back and its working again… and I’ve learnt something new!


On other fronts, I’d been using Rensel’s Repository to feed by e17 needs on ArchLinux for a while now, but after noticing that he only seems to build against Rasterman’s releases on freedesktop.org, I decided to roll mine (I’d tried this before and had serious compile issues).


Anyway, this time, I was prepared, and after getting from CVS, I built the eet, edb, evas and ecore, they all worked, tho I had an eye opening problem with ecore finding evas, and I finally mastered the use of the ‘—with-bleh-config=/path/to/bleh-config’ argument to ./configure.


Now I have a tried and tested autobuild script for e17, that builds using ‘pacman’, and installs to my system. I did most of the work over the weekend, but still had some issues with some packages finding Ewl headers, and my result from ‘/usr/bin/ewl-config’ was really messed up. Yesternite, I stayed up till 4.00am, finetuning that script, and currently… its in its simplest form, with a library, and two actually builder scripts. And to test stuff, I uninstalled my last successful build, setup the build process and went to sleep. When I woke up around 7.30, I just logged in and typed ‘startx’… and yup! It works beautifully.


I also managed to write my first e17 module today (actually I just modified the snow module, using the test module as a guide :) ), at least it works.


So now, e17 is back up to current spec, and Dapo wants it tonite too :).


Ahh… I’m thinking of modifying this script to work with Autopackage (http://www.autopackage.org)


Anyways, I guess I have my work cut out for me.


Essien, out.



At Friday, July 22, 2005 9:06:00 AM, Blogger Mfoniso said...

I think you meant http://www.autopackage.org

At Friday, July 22, 2005 12:52:00 PM, Blogger Essien Ita Essien said...

oops... you're right... i've corrected that now.


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