Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Truce indeed.. who am i decieving?

ahh... i really don't feel too good.

i'm afraid i'll have to take at least one day off... arrgghh! There goes my stainless record.. anyways... my good friend Ugo put me in perspective, when he told me to stop playing Superman, and just go lie down and get better...

i think he's right...

Btw, just some random updates... i have been doing a full recon of website authoring recently... its been a while since i did that. And i'd been really growing tired of Table Kung-Fu (as Ryan neatly described that art!).

Anyways, DIVS, CSS, Ajax, the whole thing... i'm even thinking of picking up Ruby On Rails... ahh... anyways... this malaria fever thing is slowing me down... this is just why i hate to turn in sick :(

Bahh... i better just sign off now...


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