Saturday, June 25, 2005

More Python and Linux at work

Recently, i've been having more and more opportunity to use Python at work... mostly for scripting a lot of stuff for myself, as the needs were arising. Especially data analysis.

Well, i had another more "official" data transformation or more accurately data migration project recently. I had to migrate a very flat file database built in Access, to a more Relational Model solution, still built in Access. And it was to be a quick job. So here I was, itching to use Python (i mean... there was no way i was going to be doing that in C#... just plain old forget it... its too complicated and error prone.)

First thing i did to assuage my concience was to state the problem aloud, and ask if anyone had ANY MEANS that would solve this problem elegantly without my use of Python (Everyone knows Stan and I love Python), so well, we brainstormed for sometime, and honestly, there was no simpler faster solution (I knew that already, but i just wanted to be sure i wasn't being merely self-serving).

Long story short... I did the project in Python. To make things even more interesting, Dan Lash (one of the new consultants at Artemis, and most importantly the consultant on this project), is also a Pythonista, needless to say, we had real fun on this project, and NO BUGS, just suggested implementation changes. Nice wrap up.

On the case for Linux, i'm still keeping this underwraps a bit, but we've been pursuing a lot of OpenSource solutions for some new projects coming down the line, of which i can't really say much of at the moment. But I'm currently configuring E17 (Yup.. The new Enlightenment), for Dapo. The last week, we were setting up Eclipse/Java/Tomcat/MySql, the whole works on Linux and stuff like that...

Pretty interesting and cool. I'm getting to do more of what i really love i guess... could still be much more coming the next few weeks too.


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