Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Eclipse Weekend, pmutils - introducing pmserv

Last weekend, i decided to really take Eclipse for a drive. And i have one word. It is USEFULL. Note i didn't say cool. I'm yet to feel the coolness factor, though one plugin nearly got me there (the vim plugin - yeah... i'm a nerd so what? :) )

What I did was to install eclipse and setup the lattest version of PyDev, and then migrated my development of libpm and pmutils, to Eclipse.

My first really tripping moment was the Refactoring Functionality. It is really cool. What I ended up doing mostly is, all the places i know i want to factorize out a function, I use the Refactoring -> Extract Method. Then examine the resulting function to see if its good enough (sometimes, there are unnesseccarry arguments, etc). But, its really a time-shaver :)

I firstly cleaned up libpm and pmutils somemore, dealing with most of my todos, then started facing pmserv, which was intended as a windows service. i had layed out a basic service framework, but there was still work to be done, methods to extract from the existing pmutils, etc.

I did all of this in Eclipse, and last nite, i stayed up till 2.30am, to finish pmserv, and it works beautifully.

One of the things that really tripped me with eclipse was the External Tools feature. I added the python console (ofcourse), and a windows command prompt, which i used in developing the service. I really needed to include the windows Service Manager and Event Viewer too, but didn't get around to doing those... I guess there's always latter, as i'm planning to write a blogging service too :)

All in all, i'll say, Eclipse is a really serious utility, and this is another boon for opensource development, and the ubiquitious J. Random Hacker. Thanks to tools like eclipse and all the budding tool smiths out there, anyone can start doing very usefull stuff, without paying a dime, and what's more... this things are actually industry standard.

Exciting Times are ahead i tell you, i'm really happy to be alive and coding in this era.


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