Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Eclipse, Python at Work and uhhh.. EMR

Today, I 'officially' had reason to work with Eclipse, PyDev and Python. :)

We were modifying the Hospice Backend, so i had to redo the import scripts which were crafted in Python. I had done this previously using PythonWin IDE, but since i've fallen inlove with Eclipse (yeah, now i admit it is cool, it has a rather high coolness factor too ;) ), I Decided to import the project into Eclipse and continue from there.

Yup... It turned out very painless and infact, very beneficial. I think that's it, Eclipse/PyDev has become my Python development Environment of choice. Now all that needs to be added is a way to access PyDoc easily, probably integration of all the docs that come with PythonWin into the Eclipse Help system, and I guess I won't open any other python Python IDE/IDLE/SHELL again ;)

woooo... exciting times.

Btw, today, I officially joined our EMR team. Phew! Everyone dreads that project, b/cos its so big, somewhat badly designed... and fixes keep coming in everyday.

Well today, I worked with Seun and did some fixes. One of the Refactorings I added today, was for implementing Warnings before closing forms with Changed data. I took one look at the stuff and told Seun... man... we can't be copying and pasting... Immedietly I went to work on an interface ISaveClose, and we integrated it first into the New Allergies form and the New Medications form. It works very nicely. Tmrw, we'll make all the other forms that need to do that, use it.

I'll actually like to go one step further, build a class that implements that inteface already, and all the what nots, so by making each of the forms just inherit from that class, we will be good to go.

Why this was never done before? hehe... that's the million dollar question :)

Boy... my back aches... my tummy rumbles... i really gtg.


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