Friday, May 06, 2005

XSL Transformations AT WORK - Literally

During our ‘Geekify’ session on Wednesday, Stan took us on XSL transformations and it was like… WOW!!!!


You know… XML is cool and all, but probably XSL is really what makes XML sooo usefull. Its so interesting.


Also, just to satisfy the Geek Child in me, I designed an XML format and accompanying XSL stylesheet for our daily SCRUM updates. Those where beginning to look messy, and I’d had in mind to write a Python frontend, to generate the report, but once Stan did the XSL tutorials, I was like… HEY!!! That’s what I need. Akin is currently using the XML raw, but he’s interested in Building a GUI frontend, to generate the XML for him. I mean, he takes notes at scrum, so he’s the one to make his life easier.


The other part of this is that, with all this ‘make_life_easier’ projects I’m introducing at the office, its interesting to see how other members of my team are reacting… it seems hacking is back in fashion at the office, and I’m beginning to notice it in how we’re working.


Ahh… the rise of the hackers :)



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