Wednesday, May 04, 2005



Yesterday nite, at the perfect witching hour( 12.00 midnite), myself and stan started work on building a python extension module for imlib2.


Imlib2 is a very robust and interesting image manipulation library is part of the new generation Enligtenment Family – Enlightenment Foundation Library.


It was a very enlightening experience (pun intended – mfon, I just had to say that :P). Our approach which we’re trying to keep as Agile as possible so we see quick results, was to pickup the EFL Cook Book, and go thru the examples on imlib2, then for each example, port enough functionality to a python extension to allow the example to be done in Python totally.


As at yesternite, we have just one function left to complete example one.


So far we have:






tonite, we’ll add imlib2.blend().


What we’ve been thinking is that it will be more natural to have an Imlib2Image object(), that will have all these functions as methods. For now, we’ve not totally decided how to implement this, but I don’t think we’ll build the object in C. its more likely that when we have the functions in python completely, then we’ll build a higher level Python Library abstracting that into an Object. That’s the more natural way that I’m thinking of it.


Ahh… this application layering thing is making lots of sense now.



   [x for x in range(0,200) if (lambda y: len([z for z in range(2,y-1) if y%z == 0]) == 0)(x)]







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