Sunday, April 17, 2005

Not blogged for a week or more!!!



I’ve not been able to blog for a week or there about. For some crazy reasons, the most important being that my internet link just increased in SUCKERAGE density, in that period.  On a scale of 1 to 10, the link came in at a whopping 9.95 SUCKERS!!! Now that’s some suckerage. It was so bad that even trying to access my mails and the whole network would freeze up L


Anyway, on Friday, we sort of got the link upgraded to a 128k/128k link. That’s supposed to be good news right? WRONG!!!


I decided to test drive the link myself, by disconnecting all other machines on the network and going with just me, a single machine. I first went to, for to verify the link speed on almost no load. I got a thruput of 116k on upload,  and hey… I can live with that. Problem came when I decided to do the downlink test. While I was downloading one of those images on the site, I tried to open, and boom, browser tells me, it can’t resolve DNS, I’m like WHAT?


So I decide to ping, same thing, I take it close home, and ping my provider’s DNS machine (just one of them), and I get a connection timed out. OMG!!!


I’m like.. already? This is crazy!!! I ping up to my linux router, and everything works fine, I’m about to wonder what this is all about, since I can see that the downlink test is still going on. Just then the test finishes. I try to ping the DNS again, and hey… it works. I ping google again, it works…


At this point I realize that that simple test gulped my whole bandwidth… which means my provider platform is not handling large files well, and QOS issues are really bad L.


I realy don’t like this, as its going to mean I take out time and do some traffic shaping on my router, when I’m not really doing seriously demanding stuff to demand real shaping. (I’ll use iproute2’s tc for this, can be a bitch to configure from scratch to work properly)


Anyways, I’ll do it, if not on Monday, everyone is going to be screaming, hey Essien, you upgraded the bandwidth huh? IT STILL SUCKS!!!!!


Ohh.. the life of a network admin.





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