Friday, March 18, 2005

PM Update

on a scale of 1 to BADASS, i think i KickASS!!! :P

okay.... i didn't finish on time, but currently the whole utility set is
usable, and i'm using it to fill my PM before Kevin and Ryan resume work
and get on my case. :)

Darn, i made some silly moves in the library, and had to take time to
refactor and stuff, but i've dropped a lot of TODO's in the libraries
and utilities.

Basically, it looks like this:

'pmsync' connects to the webservice, grabs all info and stores in some
local xml databases.

with 'pmlookup' i can query those databases extensively. There's
probably more work to be done here,but currently, it works well, what i
now need to do is proper textual search here.

with the information i garner from 'pmlookup', i currently build a
normal comma seperated text file. I then have a filter 'txt2subtasks'
that converts the text file into a local subtasks xml data store.

'pmpublish' just grabs any subtask xml data store and pushes it back to
web PM.

the hard part rite now, is adding the information to the subtasks xml
data store, ideally, i should have 'pmadd' to do that for me, i'm using
the text file as a quickie solution so i can meet my deadline for today.

Stan is also using this set which i call 'pmutils'.

This weekend, i'll round them up, do more refactoring on those libraries
(db_core, db_utils,web_utils), and by next week, i'll be ready for prime
time. I've post-poned this enuff, and i think its just as well, that i
got myself in a mess that only my brains could get me out of!!!

did i say i rock?!!! :P


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