Wednesday, March 23, 2005

PM Manager version 1.0

hmm... recently, i've been made the Operations Manager of our coding

this is rather interesting, tho i'll say i saw it coming. In the few
days since then, its been rather crazy, culminating with me staying up
all nite yesternite/today morning. what i really don't want to happen,
is for me, for any reason at all to move away from active coding, but
look at statistics.

productive billable coding hrs yesterday: 1.5 hrs

hrs used for project management and other stuff: 5hrs

tha'ts not good. but at this time, i'm still trying to get everything
in line once everything is well reigned and our clients are happy with
our delivery times, my coding will rise once more. I used to lead on
productive hrs, i still want to lead my team as much as possible, just
because i'm doing more management and other stuff doesn't mean my
coding hrs should drop. or does it? :(

Anyway... i kept this one hidden from you guys. I just spent the last
10hrs + working on integrating libpm ( the C# version), with another
program Pm Manager written by Sadiq (one of our developers), the two of
us stayed back after work yesterday, and went at it. right now, 10hrs +
latter, and a couple of naps in between. The program is ready for use
as is. There's just one more thing i want us to add, for maximum
usability. but hey... that's what raw coding is about :)

What i'm trying to unconsiously drive home with this project, is a
coding culture. I've read about IBM workers that coded solutions to
problems they were having, and it latter becomes a huge company
software. Infact, that's how UNIX came about... just some coders in
AT&T labs trying to play a game they had inherited from a defunct
'Multics' project.

I think that once programmers in a programming company learn to
REDISCOVER the love for coding, while at work, productivity will
increase. I say rediscover b/cos apparently, most programmers just love
programming TILL they start working, then it sort of becomes a drag
because they're not working on exactly what they would like. But i
think something can be done about that to make boring work begin to
seem cool again. Something else i notice is that programmers are
usually throwing the phrase "I should write a program to do that"
about, but very few actually get around to doing those. I'm trying to
see if i can imbibe the "Just Write the Damn Program" culture into the
team at work. If we can get a bit of that... i know lots will happen to
our morale level and productivity will increase. I can't explain how,
but i just know it will happen. Its sort of the reason that Open source
coders that work in other companies are usually among the high

ok... i'm rather tired... lemme catch some sleep, as much as i can.

does this blog seem scattered... prolly because i'm sleeping thru it.


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