Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Network Latency

About 2 weeks ago, we purchased a VSAT solution from Accelon Africa (the
Nigerian Part - i think they're slightly different).

since then, its been crazy trying to do any non HTTP service across the
link. Its totally slow. There are a rather large amount of hops between
me and the first router on the internet. Ping time statistics are in the
> 2000ms range for a gauge use.

Been trying to resolv it with them for the past two weeks too.

thing is, the Customer Service team is nice and all that, but they took
a little bit too long to finally come to the same conclusion i had come
to last week. that their network latency is waay too high. It seems tho
that yesterday, one of the network guys has checked it out toroughly and
even benchmarked against a direct SAT 3 link.

Sum total is that by this morning it should be fixed.

hopefully i can start getting my mails normally and doing ftp including
aceess our offsite source source control server.


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