Friday, March 04, 2005

libipq Hacking

wow, i finally found time to do this!!!

I'd been planning and procrastinating libipq hacking for a while. Early this week, i googled up a tutorial, and followed the man page, but got stuck on a small error. The helpfull netfilter-devel mailing list helped me out here, and its a mistake i'm ashamed of.

In , theres a typedef that looks ruffly like:

typedef struct ipq_packet_msg {...} ipq_packet_msg_t;

In my eagerness, i wrote code of the form:

struct ipq_packet_msg_t m;

Ofcourse, this is wrong, since i should either do:

struct ipq_packet_msg m;


ipq_packet_msg_t m;

not what i did earlier. i got a compiler error: dereferencing incomplete pointer type, and i had no idea what was wrong, since i wasn't looking too closely... good for me huh? :)

anyway, i'm up and running, i have a basic program out, and i'm fleshing it out.... i have some ideas for small projects, but the main intent is to fall deeper into the netfilter code, and linux networking as a whole.

i'll take it easy, so i dont get overwhelmed and run away ;)

wish me luck...



At Sunday, March 06, 2005 6:10:00 PM, Blogger Mfoniso said...

Sure, good luck. You're gonna need loads of it. Last time I had to do some serious work with libipq I seemed to always end up with corrupted packets. It took me about five days to figure out the problem. (:D

OK, so you saw through it. I know nothing about libipq. (Of course not) Shoot me!


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