Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Last week or so, I got this by mail. It’s a feedback by a fellow Nigerian in Nigeria who’s been inspired by my ramblings, I like the guy already. I’ve snipped out some parts of the message, that prove that I’m part of the WORLD-DOMINATION-PLAN ™ :D





I came across your blogger page last month and have always been going back to it, every now and then.


I find it hard to believe that a "Nigerian in Nigeria" would have so much skills as you claim. I am also a Nigerian in the same Open Source field with you, but i tell you, all that i know today is by Self Development and the drive to learn.


I work as a web developer, and since my company is a small one, i do all the page design, dbase design, scripting, networking and all it takes to host a site. I use MySQL,PHP,Apache,Linux (LAMP) since my company doesn't want any legacy code nor locking to a vendor.


I'm pretty new to the Open Source community, but the drive is there to learn. I've come to understand how unix works. I manage a Debian OS runnig on pebble. We use that to run squid as a transparent proxy, a cache and web server. I also manage a RH 7.3 Linux which we configured to be a mail,dhcp server.


Right now i'm learning bash and also configure iptables for a future plan of running vpn on the linux server.


We also plan to use d pebble distro on a Compact Flash to run a small wireless community in our neighbourhood (hotspot 1.5km range). Plan to use nocat on it.


In all this, i would say the net has been a huge source of technical resource for us here.


<snip reason=”proves I’m part of WORLD_DOMINATION_PLAN™”>







Anselm Ogbunugafor.

Arts In Science LLC

<snip reason=”protect the guy’s privacy”>








This is very encouraging… really… does it mean I’m BADASS? KickASS? PLAIN_EVEEEEL?


I’ll leave you to figure that out :P




Essien  Ita Essien



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