Monday, March 28, 2005

e17 rocks!!!

I finally got around to installing e17. Stan, your eyes will pop on
this one... trust me :)

I started out the easter period by downloading all the packages in the
EFL. Apparently everything but EWL downloaded properly.

I then finished my build script 'builde', since everything has to be
built and installed in a particular order, and there was no how i was
going to be doing that by hand... no thank you sir. Builde is usable
now, but it builds 'pacman' compatible packages and installs them, so
it may only be usefull if you use 'pacman' as a package manager.

Everything in the EFL builds except esmart, and i'm not sure why. It
doesn't seem to be finding ecore, which i've verified is installed and
stuff... i'll have to look thru this latter.

Just before i downloaded e17 tho, I learnt lots of archlinux folks are
package e17 from cvs, so i decided to check out one of them, and
grabbed e17-cvs from rensel's TUR..

if you're using Archlinux too, just add this to you /etc/pacman.conf:


Server =

ofcourse you have to 'pacman -Sy' after that, then 'pacman -S e17-cvs'.

If you're using my transaction patch for
pacman(, you can do 'pacman -S
-tN transaction-name e17-cvs'

latter if you don't like it, you can roll back with 'transpacman -r

This ofcourse if you're using my transaction-patch for pacman.

I also uninstalled e16, since some paths from e16 where masking out my
e17 paths. i modified .xinitrc, commented out "exec starte16", added
"exec enlightement" and BOOM!!!! I would have died of exctiement. The
startup animation is really cool. I'll start puttin up screenshots on
my website as i start to play with it. but wow... it feels wonderfull.

I still haven't seen anyone packaging the full EFL, so i think i'll go
ahead and stilll do that, cause i want to write some EWL programs, and
probably some EDJE stuff. I think i'll start by building PM Manager for
Linux. That will really be cool.

Ok... let me continue... I've just 'prozilla'd EWL source from, so now to build some more.

Oh yeah, there is a cool tutorial at



At Tuesday, April 05, 2005 3:36:00 AM, Blogger Farhan said...

Essien, you should put up some screenshots...


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