Thursday, March 31, 2005



If you’ve not looked at this yet, as a linux user, then you better do:


I think I like the idea a lot. I’m gonna try it out this evening, and post my impression. I think this maybe the final piece of the ‘ideal’ linux desktop I’ve been conjuring up. The base will be ArchLinux, and will be managed by ‘pacman’. This base can be installed in 6 minutes flat. Oh yeah… baby… you heard me write.


The next layer is the GUI layer (sort of how win95 used to interface with DOS back in the day). The GUI of choice for me ofcourse is E17. I really can’t think of another choice (ok… XFCE4 will be another good choice). The GUI will have the basic E17, be started by entrance ofcourse, and will have 1 or two system utils, but this is not core as a first goal, since the userbase target will be firstly adept users who want some real eyecandy.  All administration of the base system will be as ArchLinux does it – from the commandline. Administration of the GUI layer, will be via E tools. Package installation, will be handled by something like Autopackage. Its still a rough idea, but I can see how this can really work.


I don’t really have the time now, but most of the work is already done by the respective projects… all that is probably left, is properly unifying them.. hmm…


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