Monday, February 28, 2005

Relay for WIN SMTP Server


Sending mail is supposed to be a joy, but if your SMTP server is remote and your bandwidth is low, it can quickly turn into a pain. You have two choices, switch to Linux NOW!!! And use Sendmail (ok, I was kidding, don’t touch this beast), Qmail, Postfix (my favourite), or.. okie, if you must, use the SMTP server that comes on windows with IIS I think.


The problem with that server is that by default relaying is turned off without proper authentication. Well, if you can vouch for access to your SMTP machine, like, you always work behind a good firewall, and there’s no danger in being turned into an unwilling BlindSPAMMER, then you can set relaying for all.



  1. Bring  up your IIS manager
  2. Right click the ‘Default SMTP Virtual Server’ or the SMTP server you want to change relay settings for.
  3. Go to the ‘Access’ tab, and click the ‘Relay…’ button
  4. on the relay restrictions pop up that appears, change the ‘Only the list below’ to ‘All except the list below’ if you want to be lazy


            on the relay restrictions pop up that appears, leave the ‘Only the list below’ selected, then click ‘Add…’, then either add your ip address(es), or network address with subnet mask, or the domain name you want to be able to relay from.


Uhh… hope that’s helpful, because it just stopped me from pulling out my hair from the roots a couple of mornings ago… uhh… ok… that’s not possible, I’m on extreme low cut J



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