Monday, February 07, 2005

Mad crazy monday

Oh boy… today is off to another crazy start.


I managed to squeeze off another release for BerryTime today (my baby BlackBerry project), no word from QA team yet, I guess they’re busy on other stuff, but I’m pretty confident it’ll pass thru first round. The way I’ve been applying testing to my code these days… things hardly break. I’m learning a lot from lots of open source guys.


I’m pretty much confident that any programmer that wants to be a better programmer should get involved in some (oh men.. this one might get my hide and skin :-s), non-windows-driven open source project (unless its GNU for windows prolly, or some real C hackers project). You’ll learn a LOT of good coding habits.


I’m also seeing more and more that UNLESS you have good mentors, OOP Language only code-slingers are not very good overall coders. I’ve been using Java for this BlackBerry thing, and yeah, I’m not exactly a java guy, but man… the language is really tempting in the bad manners its encouraging me to use. In C, I’m very wary about Global variables, but men, these guys are really disguising themselves as class wide variables, package wide variables, etc. I can see the mistakes about to happen, and I just can’t see a more OOP way of avoiding them without having realy crazy looking code, at the expense of modularity and reusability.


I’m very interested in what will happen to the language ‘D’ [], that allows you to mix up OOP and non OOP code. That’s the way I would have solved some of the problems I’ve been encountering, and also the reason why I’m crazy about Python. These languages don’t force concepts down your throat. Anyway… enuff said there I guess.


I still have to trash out lots of fixes trickling in on a HUGE database related project we inherited (oh men… do I hate dirty inherited code L ), and more are still trickling in. lets see if I can make myself into a hero by fixes most of them before morning… darn… here I go again, after a near breakdown last week J I guess I just can’t learn now, can i?


Yeah, did I mention I finally subscribed to the linux-kernel mailing list hosted at  yup… it means I get to be on the same mailing list as Linus, Andrew Morton, Robert Love, Chris Wright… wow…. Right now, I’m just listening on conversations and trying to learn from the technical stuff and the non-technical aspects. For instance, Linus seems like a very respecting kinda guy, and Chris seems rather humble… its interesting… ahh.. okay.. its just cool J



Whooo… I’m planning to start contributing somewhat, but I’ll not rush things so I my enthusiasm doesn’t get swept away by a mood-tsunami, instead, I’ll just allow my interest to mount gradually, and I’ll prolly start cleaning up with other Kernel Janitors… so hey… wish me luck ;)






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