Monday, February 28, 2005


I woke up extremely early this morning to start working on the C# implementation of libpm. This is an interface to a webservice we use at work to report our time. I actually wanted to work on the Python version this morning, but I think if I finish the Python version first, I’ll never get around to working on the C# version, since I will always be in this Quasi-irritated comparison between the two languages, not that C# is a bad language, just that it doesn’t have some of the extremely kewl functionality of Python.

Anyway, its time for work anyway, so I’ll continue it this evening. The idea is to have libraries that any of the other developers can use to craft their favourite interfaces to PM at work. I prefer the commandline interface and the mail interface via a normal text file. Anyway, I’ll continue in the evening. Should be done by tmrw morning, complete with a commandline client that uses it.


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