Monday, February 28, 2005

libPM update

It’s evening.


I’m done with 75% of the WebService functionality for the C# library. What’s left is just the postback, that actually posts a subtask back to WebPM. This has been sort of fun in C#, tho I have serious beef with having to use the ugly (compared to python’s alternatives) WebClient class.


I don’t know why Dynamic Languages still havent’ generated the required industry clout, when without a doubt they are the easiest to establish REAL abstraction in. I mean, I want to simply get a web page. In java, I have to use HttpConnect, and still obtain a stream from it, and do some fancy buffer acrobatics before I can read back the plain text contents of the page.



In C#, (there may be other ways which I don’t know), I have to use a WebClient class, and get first a Stream then get a Readable Stream from the basic Stream. At least, I don’t have to do the buffer acrobatics, but its just plain silly.


I would love to just do something like  handler = Then This is the natural way to deal with data content. And its basically the way languages like Python, Perl, PHP, etc, do the stuff. Its so easy, I don’t see everyone’s not using them. 80% of the time, when I’m working with Stiff languages like C# and Java for application development, I have to go about creating my mostly used Higher Level abstractions into small utility libraries before I start doing any real work, but in languages like Python, Perl, PHP, I just start coding, most of the abstractions are really high level and incredibly sufficient for me.


Uhh.. if you doubt this, try using the SANE (scanner) library in Python, and then try doing something similar in C#... EWWWWWW!!!


Ok… gotta run now, I’m gonna try to finish that last function before I go grab a byte J, then prolly tmrw, I’ll put together the small app that will help fill my PM. Phew… here I come guys.


The real thrill will actually be doing the Python version, and actually measuring how much time it took from start to finish.


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