Sunday, February 06, 2005

Code Hangover

I’m just recovering from a code hangover.


A what? Yep you heard me right a code hangover… ok… some may call it writer’s block, creative burnout, whatever… but in the latter part of last week, I had one of those very irritating seasons during which nothing creative can occur in your mind.


The annoying thing about this is that sometimes, you can feel ideas just floating out of reach, but the mind refuses to grasp and hold onto them. Baaaah.. coupled with some minor headaches etc, I think I came to the conclusion (AGAIN!!!!!), that I’ve been pushing myself a bit too hard for no reason at all. Uhh… well… not too true, but for the sole reason that I love what I do so much I don’t even know when its harming me.


Well… this week, I’m gonna have to get thru with more brawn than brains, as I have some rather interesting/plentiful problems to tackle on the work front. Oh well… there I said it.


I’m going to have to study how frequently these burnout sessions occur, lets see if I can isolate a pattern to it, and have a logical explanation, tho I suspect this last one came because I’d not been exercising as usual in the past one month or so… I think what happened was my muscles went lazy first, then my brain got used to it… pretty soon, my mind locked up.


Moral of the story: No matter the excuse, don’t break you exercise schedule especially if you do lots of brain work J


Naaaa… this is not really me in my all ranting glory… so for now… I’ll leave with a parting comment shamelessly burrowed from – U KNOW WHO:




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