Sunday, January 30, 2005

Weekend Reading

On weekends, i'm not supposed to be working 'officially'. Ok, sometimes,
I do actual work on my projects on the office, but most of those
weekends, i spend in these major forms.

1. I put work on my personal (and Open Source/Free Software) projects.
2. I scrounge around the internet for interesting and inspiring
articles. Usually from:
a. Paul Graham (
b. Phrack (
c. Fyodor (
d. The Linux Documentation Project (
e. Pragmatic Programmer (
f. Well... Google ;)
g. There are really a lot I can't remember here.
3. Scrounge around Mailing list archives for interesting stuff
4. Get to study some of my working tools better by reading man pages,
looking for more advanced uses via Google. And trying out stuff for myself.

Here are some interesting ones I came across this week:

This one, I realy stumbled across munging along with Google, but it is
very promising:

Here are other very inpspiring AND ofcourse, revealing stuff:



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