Saturday, January 22, 2005

Pacman Transaction Support Update

I just updated the Pacman Transaction Support Patch.

pacman has moved to pacman-2.9.5, so I had to port the patch from 2.9.4
to 2.9.5 . Ahhh... the beauty of good design. The port took me all of 5
minutes. And 1.X of those minutes was used to write a bash script
'migrate_patch' to help me reduce key presses :D

Actually, what migrate_patch does (its right now specific to this patch,
but when the need arises, I can easily extend it), is to help me manage
the files that I am actually changing.

I also added some comment tags in the source files I modified to add my
patch hooks, so I can easily find them. This could be a 'Secret Window'
into an 'Uber Secret' plan to totally reduce the number of key presses I
have to type.

Did I mention that I've learnt a lot from working on this patch? Well...
I've learnt that modularity isn't an overstatement at all. Infact, i've
come to the conclusion that unless you're modifying algorithms already
written down, the only DECENT way to extend an existing project is via
modules. You then have to only hook the modules into the project.

Before, I had a monolithic patch, so to speak, and the size was 148Kb.
When I refactored and modularised, and then added more features, the
size dropped to 41Kb. Amazing? You bet.


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