Thursday, January 27, 2005

NEPA Strikes - AGAIN!!!

Today started out crazy :(

Actually it started out sometime yesterday. I'd gone to eat and left everyother person working. Ofcourse NEPA (the power company here in Nigeria), started killing us as usual with seriously fluctuating power. Well... to cut a long and annoying story short, the hard disk of my gateway/firewall just got busted.

When i came back and found it busted, i got pissed and went off to sleep. This morning, I had to fix it ofcourse.

Thank goodness that ArchLinux is the fastest distro in the world to install and configure. And thank goodness also for my configure scripts for various functionality which I keep offsite, the configuration was almost therapeutic.

The annoying thing was that 75% thru the installation, the whole power system trips at least 3 times :(

Men... this country has all the major makings of a frustrating residence. I wonder how we are even able to achieve what we achieve at times.

Well... at least we're back online.


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